Writings and Other Output

by Chris Lusto

Git Push

Some responses to your thoughts on the community repository model.

Lessons for Other People

What I learned in three years of writing curricular materials.

The Journey and the Stranger

The double-life of a teacher and military veteran.

Not Quite in Defense of Number Cubes

Number cubes are dumb, but they probably don't deserve all the bashing we give them.

Working with Expressions

The basics of working with expressions through the Desmos API.


Exploring loop-de-loops with Anna Weltman and Dan Meyer.

Orange Balloons

What will your students remember about your class?

The Desmos API for Absolute Beginners

If can't even set the clock on your microwave, here's where to start.

Desmos Introduction

How Desmos accidentally made me a web developer. And why that might be good news for you.

Varsity Commenting

My thoughts on how to up our commenting game.