About Me

Hello, world!

I currently teach math at Pleasant Valley High School in Pennsylvania. I spent the last few years as a mathematical apologist and curriculum developer at Mathalicious, a fantastic little company that's rewriting middle and high school math around real-world topics and helping to morph students' daily experiences with math into daily experiences with the world, through math. Before that I taught high school in Minneapolis for a little while. And before that I exploded stuff professionally for the Marine Corps. I occasionally write tidbits about teaching, math, teaching math, and coding for the purpose of teaching math. I'm also an enthusiastic #MTBoS participant1 on Twitter as @Lustomatical.

This is what I look like when I'm holding a tiny frog, which I think sums up several important aspects of my personality in a way words can't:

  1. Descended from the Latin participare and meaning, literally, "sharing in." I think that's nice. The concept of participation as a personal goal gets rather a lot of abuse [insert here all sorts of publicly fashionable handwringing over Millenial coddling, youth soccer trophies, etc.], but in its bones it's really a lovely idea.